Hello, My name is Wataru Hashimoto. I am a Sophomore, majoring in Physics with education emphasis at Northern Illinois University. I was born in Japan, and lived there until I was fifteen years old. After my junior high school graduation ceremony, I moved to New Zealand to learn English. A year later, I transferred to an American high school as a sophomore and there discovered my passion for physics in a senior-level physics class. During the class, my physics teacher showed me the fascinating elements of physics through interesting demonstrations and unique explanation. It was eye opening to see how physics is at work in daily life, such as why the sky is blue and how airplanes fly. However, I recognized that there were students who did not enjoy physics, both in high school and college, because the concepts and materials in physics were confusing for them. Thus began my interest in Physics Education, and teaching others to help make physics more easily understandable. My future plan is to attend graduate school after I receive my undergraduate degree not only to prepare myself to become a better physics teacher, but also to spread the effective teaching methods through research and professional development.

Thank you!


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