Professional Development: Researcher and Speaker


Hello Everyone!
Past two years, I was involved in variety of organizations: Society of Physics, McKearn Fellowship, Research Rookies, Themed Learning Communities. I would admit the fact that it was challenging and sometimes I had a tendency to abandon everything in my todo list and dive into a bed or go for a walk. However, the experiences that I cultivated through these programs developed many essential skills that will be profitable when I start working in a company or professional career. Through mentoring, I developed my communication starting from beginning the conversation, to organizing the event to make it fun. Through fulfilled environment, I maintained the grit and determination to complete the task and remain organized. With the interaction with highly motivated students, I was able to not only re-boost my motivation for my passion, but also shifted more toward optimistic, and less from stressful environment. I am planning to strengthen my knowledge, but also focusing on communication skills. After experiencing to give a speech at different ceremony and events, I realized how one speech can make myself memorable to everybody. Since my research goal is to improve the physics education and make people relize that “Hey, we are doing something wrong in terms of teaching phyiscs!” it is essential and beneficial for me to improve my public speaking skills, and McKearn Fellows program provides me countless opportunities to put pressure on me and allow me to grow not only as a researcher, but also as a speaker.

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