End of the Year: Thank You

Hello again!


URAD went very well, and it was such a fun day! This year, I honestly enjoyed watching presentation by my mentees more than my presentation. I was fortunate to go to every single one of my mentees presentation, and there are vast variety of presentation methods that added more insight on how I should present. I know that they started from nothing, and accomplished this amazing amount of work. My presentation? Well, it wasn’t the best, but I think I represented myself as a second year experienced research rookies.  One of the highlight is that my clicker stopped working again, then came back immediately. It was interesting because I usually have technical issues, and this incident was added to my list of “Technological malfunction during the presentation.” The challenge that I faced was not to cry during my mentees presentation. Their inspiring, passionate and deliberative presentation simply touched my heart and sent message to my brain saying “Hey, they are pretty amazing, you better loosen up your lacrimal gland. Are you ready to cry?” and my reflection went through my body saying “No no no, you can’t do that. They will lose focus if one awkward asian begin crying in the middle of the presentation.”


I am feeling the lonely feeling, because everything was over. In the end of the president dinner that happened the next day of the URAD, my mentee gave me some comment about my mentoring, and it was very sweet. I could not enjoy this year’s research without their willingness to enjoy. I could not laugh this much without their joke and humor. I could not be confident without their warm comment of my achievement. I could not, I could not, I could not…. So Research Rookies, if you are having trouble or difficulties, find someone who can trust. Who can talk about the strange story happened during the weekend. Who can listen to you and give advice or make a joke from that story. Who can laugh, smile and enjoy the activities with you. And make sure, appreciate how lucky you are if you already have one. The appreciation does not have to be long letter, expensive gift, or speech. Simple and easy word “Thank you,” would make them feel comfortable, and confirm that they are doing the right thing for you.


Thank you, everyone.

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