Wrapping Up, Narrowing Down

Hello Everyone!


My research is starting to reach the level of wrapping up. I want to do more work and data analysis, but because of time restriction, I need to cut off some of the aspec and began summarizing the results. Last year was building the foundation for my research, and this year has been the expansion of my research. Therefore, I will be definitely done by the end of the month, or the beginning of April. The only worry is choosing which section I need to eliminate and which section I need to emphasize.I still need to re-analyze the data and talk about the result with my mentor to ensure the dense discussion. I am really excited not only to present my research, but also listen to other students’ research, especially my mentees.


The idea of research has not changed much for me compared to last semester. However, the idea of mentoring has changed a lot. It has been a great semester. I was not a big fan of social event among the mentor and mentee, because it is usually a little awkward and get into the situation of I-don’t-know-what-to-talk-about. However, I always enjoy my group meeting and group activities. I can easily visualize the memory from past year, and the amount of knowledge that I learned from my mentee. The Research Rookies has helped me to understand the importance and joy of research, and create connection with other motivated students. This mentoring experience will definitely help me since I am planning to pursue teaching licensure program and become a teacher.


Thank you for reading!


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