Differences: Temperature, experience and me

Hello again!
I hope I can survive this strong cold weather….. When I came back from Japan (winter vacation) I enjoyed the 60 degrees differences in temperature.
Anyway, I am glad that my research does not involves outside work. It is only about sitting in front of my computer and looking at the data to find the trend. I am currently slightly behind the timeline, but I am still waiting for our demographic data to come out. In addition, we already have a clear goal on what to do, so it should not be a problem. I cannot wait to get a new result to present for URAD!
The major road blocks that I ran into was the amount of data. Since I do not have abundant students who are taking TLC class, it is difficult to compare the TLC year by year with a statistically significant data. However, this will be solved by the time, and as I accumulate my work, it will be more statistically significant result. It is always fun to look at the data. Every single time we look at the data, we find the new result, analysis, and ideas. I am feeling the need to improve my note taking skill during our discussion because I am too focused on talking instead of taking notes.
I still remember how fortunate I was during the first year Research Rookies. I had great peer leader who helped me revise my proposal and give advice to overcome the difficulty. I have amazing mentor who provided feasible project that I can complete in a year and expand later on. And I remember OSEEL staff who always give positive atmosphere during the monthly meeting. Because of them, I can still do my research and enjoy the process. Therefore, if you are a first year students, gratitude the people who supports you, and think about three good things happened you everyday. Then, you will be an optimistic person!
Thank you for reading!
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