Research Rookies Reception: Public Speaking, Name Tag, and Pictures


Thank you for coming back!

Reception is always the fun time. I am not good at public speaking, but I like to speak in front of people. Yes, I do get nervous, but at the same time, I get excited. If I am doing speech, I cannot stop smiling and moving, especially when I talking about physics or my experience in the past. This year, I was amazed with the quality of the elevator pitch! I felt everybody did great job in the speech, and makes me feel like I need to work harder and harder. I am very happy when I hear my peer mentee’s speech, and when they  performed nicely. I  sometimes simply would like to scream out “Hey! That is my mentee! Aren’t they amazing?” Not saying that other Research Rookies are not amazing, but I think my mentees are great mentee. Oh, my speech? I think I did alright. I would give B+, because there is still need for the improvement, such as voice level, how to use microphone, and smoothness.

My favorite part about reception was speech by the previous research rookies and picture time. Speeches were simply sophisticated and showed me the example of public speech. It was clean, organized, well-practiced, and inspiring. In addition, my previous peer mentor from last year Research Rookies was there, which made me excited. One day, I hope to stand in front of Research Rookies and give public speech! At the end of the reception, I gathered my mentees and took pictures. I like that when I do silly posture, my mentees also do silly postures too. The sense of uniformity is my favorite. Also, one of the students put name tag on my back, which I did not realize. But, when I found out, I simply started gathering the name tag. Why? Well, there is no reason. I even asked Dr. Baker and Dr. Stover for their name tag. After collecting over 20 name tags, I felt sense of accomplishment. I think I am the only students in the past who collected name tag and sticked them on his back. I am famous now, in a bad way.

I am super excited for the next semester, because I am taking more physics and math! This semester, I could not focus on studying, and I earned ok grade but the quality of learning was not in the satisfactory level. Especially for physics and math, if I learn, I would like to know everything about physics and math. Also, I will be still involved in most of the organizations (Foreign Language Residency Program, CLAS Student Council, McKearn Fellows, Physics club, and of course, Research Rookies) and I feel like this is enough, so I will stay involved and study more! I am really excited to see what will happen next semester, because I enjoyed this semester a lot by meeting many different people and received inspiration for them. My goal for next semester is being able to catch up with current event, because I have a tendency not to read the news, so I would use my time to look at physics video to read news. Hopefully I become more knowledgeful about politic and economy, which I have no clue.

Thank you for reading, and have a great Christmas and New Year!!



Picture of me and two other McKearn Fellows (Jayson & Katie)

Thanks to their generosity for taking picture with this weirdo.

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