Research Proposal? Comparison between past me and current me.

Hello everyone, thank you for coming back!

The weather is getting cold and I hesitate to walk outside from my residence hall.

However, it is nice that my research does not involve any outside work, and the only action that I need to take is sit down in front of the computer and stare at the excel spreasheet. My research progress is behind compare to our first plan, but we have decided to spend time on revising proposal, to make sure we have accurate direction. In addition, both my mentor and I will have more time that we can spend next semester, so we are planning to have more progress in our research. The path that we took this semester is indeed similar to last semester. The only difference is whether I know how to write proposal or not. I can still remember I was panicking to write the proposal last year, begging my mentor to revise it even though he was busy, and thanking him for giving me such a detailed feedback. Without him, I won’t be able to complete my research, even my proposal. This year, it is much different. I write proposal, and my mentor go over and confirm if I have right material.

Because of my past memory, when I hear some sentence from my mentee, such as “I have to read THIS MUCH paper Wataru….” or “I don’t know how much source I can put in” or “This proposal, I have no idea.” I feel nostalgic and reminds me, but my mentee are surprisingly calm and making great progress. I sometimes even feel, “so, do you guys need me?” But it is better than they have no idea what do, because they thrive by themselves, and find out the solution. My job is to listen to their struggle, talk about my struggle, and laugh together. Only information I am confident about is that they will be able to manage it. It is not because I did something, but because they are proving me that they can do this research based on their action. It is really fun and enjoying to see them struggle (oops) and progress. Since our group is extremely diverse, I cannot wait to hear their research and poster presentation.
Thank you for reading!

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