Slow progress research, fast passing semester, amazing mentee

Hello everyone!
The semester is moving fast like a bullet train and my research is progressing like a turtle. The challenge that I am facing this semester is narrowing my research and time management. Since I already completed research for a year, we have many data to look and directions to approach, which make our research difficult to narrow. However, since my mentor is extremely patient to go over the type of research we can do, and discuss if the research is feasible or not, I am able to manage the disorganized mass ideas into simple and doable proposal.

Being a peer mentor is extremely fun and interesting. It is true that the role become challenging sometimes, such as being responsible for my mentee, organizing the meeting time and checking their progress. However, when I hear the story and research from them, the tiredness and fatigue go away from my mind immediately. Also, my mentee are simply brilliant, in terms of communication, knowledge, set goals, and positive behavior. Sometimes I even ask them to be my mentor for life, and I will be their mentor for research. I am still 20 years old, and there’s so many things that I can still learn, which makes my life interesting and joyful.

Thank you for reading!

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