URAD and End of the Year Celebration

Hello again.

I am almost done with my Freshman year, which was surprisingly fast. Undergraduate Research and Artistry day (URAD) was very fun and interesting. I had two judges from different fields at the same time, but I think I managed it. It was very interesting to discuss about my topic, because it is education, which can be related to any fields. I felt nervous when they pointed out that I did not have statistical significance for my data. I admitted that I did not do the statistical significance, because the sample size was small and will produce statistical insignificant anyway. Besides that, questions were straight forward, and I was able to answer.

In addition, I had an oral session in the morning. It was very interesting to see how other presenters present. Since two other presenters were senior and sophomore, it was helpful to listen to how they present. There presentation were organized and amazing. From this oral session I learned that I need to bring my clicker whenever I try to present through power point.

After URAD, I was more relaxed and felt relieved. I was very lucky to have Dr. Eads as my mentor, who helped me finding the article, directed me during the project, and emphasized the joy of research. I can’t count how many time he helped me in every aspect of my research starting from corrections in essay to funding for my national conference. In addition, he invited other physics education researcher, and we had interesting discussion with that professor. I just like to thank you to Dr. Eads about working with me for entire year. And he will be my mentor for my summer research too, which sounds very exciting.

At the beginning, research was scary and frightening word for me. I was expecting to read many dissertations and article, and stressed out because of confusing experiment. However, it was different. It is true that you need to read a lot, but every article contains interesting facts and data. And those results produce fascinating discussion and assumptions. Therefore, reading article was not extremely difficult compared to what I thought at the beginning. You just need to do it, and if you do it, you will enjoy it. Because the topic that you are researching is the topic that you are interested in.

I learned that I can do something, even as a freshman. At the beginning, I thought this year’s research will become more of study research, instead of the actual research. However, I analyzed the data, created poster, and presented in both URAD and National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Also, since the topic is about TLC, I will be presenting in front of other TLC professor some day in this summer. I am so pleased to talk to other TLC professor about how TLC is effective, and I really appreciate Research Rookies for providing these opportunities.

Next year, I will continue to work on as a Research Rookies, and this time, I will be a mentor for new Research Rookies. I am feeling nervous because I do not know how to mentor somebody. But I know I will be able to do that not only because I saw how other Research Rookies mentors did in this year, but also Research Rookies told me that I can do something even as a Freshman. Therefore, as long as I try hard, almost anything is possible.

See you next year!

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