Title: Dinner at President Baker and Dr. Stover’s Home


My research is almost done. I finished collecting the data, and I began creating a poster for URAD. I always enjoy creating presentations using PowerPoint, because I can use image and diagrams to explain the material. I am planning to do poster and oral presentation at the same time, but oral presentation is optional. But I think it is beneficial for me to perform oral presentation at NIU, where I can fail and use as a practice. Therefore, I chose to present oral presentation. Also, my presentation style is unique and unusual, so I would like to see the reaction of people’s toward my presentation.

Last Monday, Research Rookies were invited to join the dinner at President Baker and Dr. Stover’s home. It was a great experience, because I get to talk with Dr. Baker, other Research Rookies mentor, and Research Rookies. I only spoke with Dr. Baker for few minutes, but I can feel his intelligence and sophisticated atmosphere just from the conversation. When I was explaining my research, he understand the contents just by listening at my few words. If I try to discuss the problem with in my research, he points out immediately before I talk about it. In addition, he is sophisticated and humorous at the same time. Normally, if somebody is humorous, then they would lose the dignity. However, President Baker was able to maintain his dignity, while being friendly to Research Rookies. Another goal, which is to become an adult like him, was established inside my mind after the conversation with Dr. Baker.

In the middle of dinner, I found my mentor, Dr. Eads, and other physics professor. I hesitated to join the conversation at the beginning, but once they discuss about physics education, I immediately join the conversation. I was surprised about myself, when I was able to explain the information from the research paper I read previously. As an international student, I usually had difficulty of joining the conversation, compared to talking at one on one style. I felt the sudden change in my mind, and began to acknowledge my growth.

I appreciate the opportunity that Dr. Baker provided us to have conversation with other Research Rookies and mentors. Also, I would like to thank Research Rookies, which provides me countless opportunity and experience that contributed to my personal growth. When I first heard the phrase, “Research Rookies will provide the experience that will change your life” from previous Research Rookies, I was thinking that sentence was elaborated. But now, I can understand its meeting. It will change my life, and will contribute to my future goal and academic career.

Thank you for reading!

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