Why do we need mentor?

It’s already the beginning of February. My first year at NIU ends in few months. I feel it was very quick and short since I met my mentor. At first, I was not sure what my project would look like, and I did not even know how to create proposal for my research. However, my mentor provided me some articles to read, data to organize, and correction for the proposal. Recently, I am joining the Physics Education Research discussion with graduate students at NIU. I can’t believe how lucky I am for having opportunity to communicate with graduate students from Freshman year. Seems like my data is almost collected, and I just need to summarize and create some plots.

After this spring semeseter, my plan would be to continue some research on Physics Education through program called McKearn Fellow. McKearn Fellow is the three and a half year program that the student will have opportunity to study abroad, research, and create leadership. I couldn’t believe when I was admited for this program when I applied for it. I did not have any community service or leadership experience, so I simply wrote essay and turned in. However, since I was able to join the program, I would like to utilize this opportunity for my goal, become high school physics teacher. This Physics Education Research does not only help me to understand how physics is taught and how physics should be taught, but also tells me futher understanding of physics itself.

Thank you for reading!

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