Reception with painful cold winds, professional moods, and delicious foods.

After I survived the freezing walk from my class to the castle, the warm reception hall’s door welcomed me. In the reception hall, guys were wearing suit, ties and slacks, which made me feel like we are slowly but steadily becoming businessman. On the other hand, ladies were wearing colorful but elegant dresses and giving the impression of refined mood in the hall. I sometimes feel jealous about the women’s professional cloth because they have much more variation than males do. We only have unified suit, and at most, we can only change the color of tie and dress shirt, or wear a vest to add some variation, which is pretty boring.

While I was thinking about the naive question, I found some friends and joined the conversation. I learned that I needed to put my name tag on the right side of my chest in order to show my name when I shake hands with somebody. This was ordinary thought process if I think about shaking hands and showing my name, but those tiny things are difficult to discover unless I actually experience these situation. The Research Rookies always provides me the surprise and wonder, which is awesome since my major, physics, always needs to fight with questions to find the unpredictable answer.

Also, as a college student, who is very fuel-inefficient like Ferrari, I quickly spotted the food area. When I was enjoying the combination of fruit and snacks, I found my mentor and have some chat about the reception. We were both talking about the elevator speech as “Ahaha, it is just twenty seconds speech, so it is going to be fine.” Then, he also introduced me to other physics faculty, when I was having dry cookie that evenly spread through in my mouth. It was little embarrassing because I was trying to say something but these snacks were preventing me to open my mouth. After the conversation, I reflected on my self and decide a new policy. “Don’t eat cookies at the professional area.” However, I would not stop eating because it is the great opportunity to eat.

Afterward, some people started to set down on the chair and the reception officially began. President’s speech was simply gave me the sophisticated for me. He maintained his dignity by his speech, but also he was being friendly at the same time. When I present, I become over friendly and lose sophistication, so I hope I can mimic his speech and increase my public speaking ability. In addition, other two past Research Rookies’ speeches were amazing. First person’s speech was organized and she spoke like a textbook example. Second person informed his story at the beginning of the speech to grab the attention of the audience. I realized again that I still have so many way to go, and this is the fun part of being surrounded by highly motivated people. If I reach the top of the hill, there is another hill waiting to be climbed. I am so glad and thankful about being here and observing these competitive people.

With the great start by previous Research Rookies’ speech, our elevator speech began. Since I practiced my elevator speech for couple times before the reception, speech itself was okay.Especially, the previous practice in the reception hall was helpful.  I always feel nervous before the speech. I was screaming in my mind during the waiting time, such as “just give me the microphone right now and let me finish this.” Once I got the microphone, my nerve was released and my mind was switched to the presentation mode. I saw my mentor’s smile when I mentioned my mentor in the speech.

Finally, we had the gift receiving time. Research Rookies Bag! Yes, I was waiting for this since I first saw the backpack from my friend who was in Research Rookies previous year. When I first hear the rumor that the gift might change for this year, I nearly sank on the floor and fell over on my knees and perhaps pounding my head on the floor like the emoticon “orz”. However, we got the gift, which made me delightful. Thank you Research Rookies! 

In the end, the reception concluded with the group picture including the mentors. While we were taking some pictures, I was looking back at my first semester. Every day was consists of new, condensed and unpredictable events. My feeling is contradicting because it was short and quick, but long and dense too. Now, I only have my final and some data organization to do, but I hope I can maintain my motivation to research. Since so many people are helping me and motivating my mind, I cannot waste those support. Again, thank you for reading. See you after the winter break!

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