Research proposal: criticism is the key

It has been very cold and chill week right now. I feel the painful wind blowing on my body and stealing my warmth.
Despite the weather, research is keep going. I am glad that my research does not require the outside field investigation.
I just need to sit down, read the book and organize the data in warm and comfortable room.
If the pizza and coke was located next to me while I do my research……. I don’t want to think about the consequence.

Anyway, my research proposal is almost done at this moment. I am showing my second draft to Dr. Eads, my mentor, for the finalization.
There were many correction and change on the first draft, which was good because I could see the point, where I need the improvement.
I like the criticism and correction, rather than having the “nice” comments, such as “this is good.”
I really like those nice comment too, if it was just for the impression. For the improvement, I like the criticism better.
And Dr. Eads was specific about what I need to change and complete in my proposal; therefore, correction was very helpful.

Also, Dr. Eads provided me the websites about the physics education, the articles that is important to read, and the information I should know. I sometimes feel as if I am over-depending on him, which urge me to work harder. I am looking forward to see the test data, which will be administered in the beginning of the December, and examine the score differences between TLC students and non-TLC student. Now, I need to start researching about the questions and survey that I will give to the General Physics I students. I am excited to discover if TLC students perform better on the physics test than non-TLC students. This will be my first and biggest step for my research.

I will see you next month! Again, Thank you for reading!


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