Research topic and my mentor

Hello again!

It’s already October, and I feel like every month is going so fast.
This is called Freshman syndrome, which freshman are too busy doing their homework, joining many clubs and getting used to the school, therefore, they don’t have time to look at the calendar and forget what date is today. And they will be shocked about the fact that they have already survived the first half of the semester.

Anyway, My mentor is finally picked!.
Dr. Eads will be working with me, and I would like to thank him about spending time to work with me. It must be a difficult choice to work with Freshman like me, because I don’t know about the research, I can’t help his research and I need so many helps.
So, what I can do is to learn as much as I can from him and show him as a result in the future.

For the topic, I will be researching about the physics education, and specific focus would be the comparison of physics 253 students between regular lecture style students and themed learning community students, by using the specific test called force concept inventory (FCI). FCI is the test that check the knowledge of basic physics concepts such as, Newton’s law and object’s motion. I had hard time with these concept when I was in high school too.

I am very enjoying the data investigation and research about physics education. As I research through the new teaching techniques, I always surprise about how many teaching method they have and utilized them in the past. Some of the teaching style was familiar to me,and I can remember some of my teachers were actually using it, but I did not know the term for those teaching method. Now, I know it.

That it for the topic and research. Now is the time to organize the data, write the proposal and research through many ideas. Cannot wait to discover new teaching method. See you soon!

And thank you for the time reading this blog.

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