Research Rookies has begun

Hello! Thank you for peeking at my blog for a moment!

My name is Wataru (phonetically, it is Wah-ta-roo) and I am currently enrolled in Research Rookies. In this program, students are allowed to choose the professor in their field of major, and they can conduct some research about it. It is interesting because I have never had research or project with professor in the style of one-on-one meeting. Well, I am freshmen so I actually haven’t had “professor” even in the classroom either. So I am excited about this Research!

First step is picking the mentor. When I look at my major’s department, which is physics, I saw so many professors. Each of their researches are different and interesting. After reading about their researches, I chose some professors and scheduled the appointment with them. In the appointment, their explanation style varied by professor. One of them told me about the outline of their research in a simple form that I could understand. Other professor showed me their lab and the past research poster made by student. Everything was interesting and opened many doors in front of me.

Right now, I have decided the professor who I want to work with, and waiting for the reply.

I am looking forward to do the research that I want to do!

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